Consultancy Services on Letter of Credit

Akreditif danışmanlığı 3

The letter of credit is one of the most guaranteed payment methods among those in foreign trade. However, although it guarantees both the vendor and the buyer, our firms extremely prejudge the way of work on letter of credit. But, today, many countries necessitate working on letter of credit in import transactions as required by the banking laws. Besides, even though the country of the customer firm in question does not necessitate working on letter of credit, many customer firms prefer to buy goods on a letter of credit in order to guarantee themselves. Because of this prejudice agaisnt letters of credit, the order is not approved by the customer. Therefore, both the vendor firm misses an order and maybe a strong cooperation, and the customer prefers another rival firm which accepts to work on letter of credit.  Such prejudices result from the lack of knowledge and experience.

ERCA Foreign Trade and Consultancy Co. does its researches about transactions on letters of credit by its experienced specialists before being accredited and they provide suitable letters of credit to open which look after and protect the commercial interests of our firms. During the validity period of the letter of credit, they prevent the faults about the letters of credit by taking an active role in the process and by constantly keeping in contact with the logistic firm, the customs consultacy, the customer firm and the banks. They also enable to submit the documents about foreign trade to the bank accurately on time and in accordance with the conditions of the letter of credit. The consultancy service on letter of credit is under the guarantee of ERCA Foreign Trade and Consultancy Co. and we hereby state that the reserve, penal sanction and stoppage about each transaction on the letter of credit are under the responsibility of our firm.